Our company offers a wide range of services, of which the categories are listed below:

  • Localizing applications
    Because of our multilingual team, we can translate your user interface into many languages:
    • German
    • English
    • Chinese
  • Embedded engineering
    Due to the many years of experience of our team, we can help you implement your application specific embedded operating system on your custom hardware.
  • Schematics and PCB layout design and manufacturing
    Due to our many years of experience in this field, we can not only design you schematics but also layout them using our expertise
    • Schematics design
      Due to our many years of experience with KiCAD, we can design you a schematic, using a FOSS tool, which is actively maintained and developed by CERN, which has the advantage that you can share it in your company without having to worry about paying an extra license for every installation of a CAD tool.
    • Layouting
      The layouting features of KiCAD have become very impressive over the years, thanks to the great work of CERN, so the layout will be drawn also using the KiCAD tools and then sent to the manufacturer in the Gerber format after the review by our customers.
    • Manufacturing
      Due to our networking in the Portuguese and Chinese industry, we're able to negotiate competitive prices for manufacturing while ensuring good quality of the final product.
    • Assembly and testing
      Assembly and testing is also a service we provide.
  • VLSI Design
    Thanks to our many years of experience gathered while working on our free and open source semiconductor manufacturing process LibreSilicon we can offer you support all the way from your project idea towards your chip on a PCB:
    • Digital design
      Our developers are experienced with the use of Verilog and the FOSS tool OpenLane, which already has produced plenty of silicon verified designs and stood the test of time.
    • Analog design
      Using Magic, KLayout, gEDA and ngspice we can design and simulate VLSI analog designs for you.
    • Tapeout
      Due to our network in the industry, we are able to help you get access to more affordable shuttle runs for your prototypes through our partners.
    • Process design and development
      Due to our experience with developing LibreSilicon we can assist you with designing, implementing and testing your own new process for your own factory setup, using our test wafer generator Danube River and generating standard cells for it using Cell Generator.